New year, new (freelance) career

4 perks of being a creative freelancer in the Middle East this year

As we enter 2020 it’s very common to set our goals for the new year. If you haven’t already considered it, here are some of the perks to becoming a creative freelancer in the Middle East…

You’re the boss!

You have the opportunity to create a job title and redesign your professional lifestyle to how you see fit. Fashion stylist Chloe Bosher says in her interview with MiNT, “In the corporate world the higher you climb the ladder, the more distant you get from the creative process; working for yourself lets you reconnect with the creative rather than just managing others”.

Working hard or hardly working?

Choose your working hours and your annual leave. No signoffs, no handovers and no stress. Need I say more?

Make your mark

Businesses in the Middle East are quickly learning the power of great creative and in the race to lead the digital space (particularly in e-commerce), many are investing into creative more than ever. This exciting shift is pushing the quality bar higher and yielding some truly stunning work which would’ve never come to light in the absence of investment and opportunity.  

The time is now!

“No job security is the best job security”, Hair Stylist Helga Bosman explains, “We don’t have guaranteed projects to rely on, nor are we valued employees, but creative projects are not going away anytime soon. If anything, they’re just getting more and more interesting!”