The best rates in the region; this is how we do it

4 key things MiNT do to provide their clients the best service and the best rates in the region.

1. Fewer Employees

 “This may ruffle some feathers”

If you’ve climbed the corporate ladder and you’re now sitting comfortably at the top, you’re probably going to resent me for suggesting you can take on more work at a lower level. In this digital day and age, there is an endless list of technology and tools available to support day-to-day tasks and general administration of a business which makes a lot of lower level roles redundant. The problem, however, is that many businesses now struggle to identify which roles could be removed and which of their tasks can be absorbed by more senior employees (and convincing the seniors to take on the extra work is not easy). As a result, many businesses and/or agencies are overstaffed and underworked, this drives inflated costs and commissions to keep the business/agency operational.


“If you want something done right, do it yourself”

The founders of MiNT (Adam and Louise) experienced inflated agency fees all too often whilst managing the creative production for leading brands and businesses over the last decade. They since both committed to building their agency (MiNT) together from the ground up, between the two of them. As a result, they now run the largest creative agency in the region, (ironically with the smallest team of employees). With just two annual salaries to account for, the savings are reflected in their competitive agency fees. It’s a ‘win-win-win’ for MiNT, their talent and their clients.


2. Experienced employees

“Wasted time is wasted money”

Clients of MiNT are greeted with a warm and friendly phone call directly with the founders who manage the talent and operate the business. There is no middleman, no false promises, no inexperienced receptionist, no delays and no question too difficult to answer straight away. Time is money and the small but experienced team at MiNT enable clients to save both.


3. Minimal overheads

A small team requires a small space. In fact, MiNT require no office space at all, the founders prefer to reduce their operational costs by going without the “nice-to-haves” such as a dedicated office space. MiNT’s success is driven by their exceptional talent, unparalleled service and competitive agency rates – not their fancy office and/or coffee machine. As you can imagine, opting out of a commercial lease in Dubai enables MiNT to further reduce their agency fees whilst their competitors continue inflating their fees to cover their overheads.


4. Partnerships

As more businesses reduce their headcount to lower their fixed costs, the requirement for more regular and reliable freelancers grows. The team at MiNT build close relationships with these businesses in order to act as an extension of their in-house creative team(s) and enable them to operate at the same scale with the same level of quality. To support this MiNT offer bulk discounts, retainers and other means of reducing their rates through frequent bookings.


Are you interested to find out more? Contact the team at MiNT today and see how you can benefit from the best rates in the region.